Top 5 Reasons to Start Wearing a Thong Bodysuits

Bodysuits were huge in the ’90s and now they are making a big comeback. A bodysuit is a piece of clothing that looks like a one-piece swimsuit or leotard. They are one-piece wonders that offer flexibility, support and lots of styling options. A bodysuit covers the torso and hips, and also feature hooks and eyes or small snaps in the crotch for easy bathroom trips. 

Bodysuits come in different types of coverage such as full coverage, mid thigh length like shaping shorts and thong style. From minimalist style to sexy lace options, bodysuits are great to incorporate into your wardrobe. Why do you need a bodysuit? It is worn so that you have a tuck-in top without worrying about it becoming untuck, bunching or shifting. A bodysuit will always stay tucked in and offer a seamless look. 

Why You Should Start Wearing A Thong Bodysuits?

Shapellx has a wide range of high quality bodysuits for you to choose from. There are long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless styles and different necklines like round, square, scoop, asymmetrical and many more. On top of these bodysuits, this online retailer also offer a huge selection of butt lifter shorts, sculpting panties, leggings, camisoles and more.  If you are still unsure about getting a thong bodysuit, do read on for some reasons that may help you make up your mind. 

Versatility – A thong bodysuit is easy to work with most outfits and it will make the wearer look simply stylish and smart. It can be worn underneath your outfit to smooth all the lumps or just on its own and layer with a blazer or cardigan. 

Flattering – A thong bodysuit hugs the body and is an effortless way to show off and celebrate your curves, no matter what shape or size you are. 

shaping shorts
shaping shorts

No Wardrobe Malfunction – If you are worried about the panty lines showing, then you may want to take a look at thong bodysuits to keep your outfit looking sleek and chic from the back. A thong bodysuit will keep the panty lines invisible when you are wearing form fitting pants, skirts or dresses. 

A Wardrobe Staple – A bodysuit is not only great as a foundation piece that can keep you warm in the colder months. This body shaper is ideal for all year round. Wear it on its own with a pair of shorts for summer as a layering piece under your winter clothing for extra warmth. 

Seamless- A thong bodysuit will stay tucked in and gives a sleek and snug fit.  

How To Choose A Thong Bodysuit

Choosing your bodysuit depends on a several factors. Here are the steps that you can take when choosing a women’s bodysuit.

Length – The torso length is important as you want it to be of the perfect length so that it will not give you a wedgie or have excess fabric that bunch up. Some bodysuits feature hook and eye closures at the gusset that allows you to adjust the fit. 

Fabric – Look for bodysuits that are made from soft and moisture-wicking material. This will ensure that you stay comfortable all day. 

Compression – Some bodysuits have light compression that is great for every day wear while some are firm. It depends on what level of fit you are looking for. 

Thong bodysuits are indeed a closet staple that is worth finding a perfect fit for. Check out Shapellx today and explore its seamless bodysuits. You may also want to have a look at its shapewear with butt lifter, tummy control body shapers and more while you are there. 

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