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7 Animation Video Mistakes You Should Avoid 

Giving birth to new characters and adding emotions to them makes animation one of the most imposing strategies for business. Entering the world of animation is all about visuals that persuade the audience. Unlike writing, you don’t play word games. However, you need to paint the entire scenario to bring life to those words. But with artistic freedom comes the high chance of mistakes. A single element’s placement can spill water over all the efforts that your team made in coming up with a single animation.

Mistakes are a part of human existence. From making wrong life decisions to making blunders in client projects, mistakes are an inevitable part. However, some of them have negligible impact. On the other hand, some of those mistakes can cost you a lot. Even with the expert team of the industry, you are likely to make minor mistakes. Even the long standing animation studios like Glowza Digital would have come across blunders, which they further used as a power to learn where they went wrong.


The idea of learning from mistakes existed even before the animation industry took its first step. However, the idea now needs more emphasis on the identification of mistakes. Though the journey from graphics to storyboard and final video is long enough to draw attention to where the problem arises. Let’s break into some of the basic mistakes your animation studio might have been making.

Missed out on a hooking introduction.

Mysteries, when unraveling the important messages, become a treat to watch. Likewise, your animation video without having a hook is nothing but a historical documentary, which no one would want to watch. Knowing the fact that this generation can easily get bored, you need to pitch them with something striking. If your animation is not eye-catching in the initial seconds, people will switch to others, making it difficult to catch at first glance

You are overselling your product.

The world of marketing has been centered on the vibrant intensity of animation video. However, pouring everything into a single video will reverse the situation. The pillar of marketing the product must sustain through the video. People are wise enough to discern what they believe is good for them. To get their trust, you need to naturally and creatively represent the features your product will be offering, and don’t flood the content with marketing fluff.

Imbalance of emotions and movement

Facial expression is the heart of the emotion that you communicate through your animations. The movement of characters without any facial expressions is similar to how Egyptian mummies would have marketed the brands. You have living creatures as your audience, and humans connect with emotions and not characters.

Inconsistently styled

You have a brand to market, and going off the track can alienate your viewers. The sudden transitions in the video without any specific reason lead to the inconsistent styling. Whether it is your color palette or the tone you chose, staying consistent across all elements is the right way to design your animations.

Poor spacing

The placement of frames in animations is done realistically. The distance between each frame decides the length of the entire video. It helps in determining how fast or slow a video will be. If you made a mistake in placing the right frame at the right time, you ruined the entire animation. The improper spacing of the frames is a common mistake by animators. Focus on what comes after every animation to get an idea of proper spacing and timing.

 Too complex

Anything that becomes too complex does drain the mental energy of the viewer and is more likely to divert their attention. The idea of complexity is outstretched in all areas of animation. From the characters to the spacing, multilayering all the concepts will make it difficult to understand for the viewers. Simple is easy, and animations aim to deliver it simplistically.

 Failure to brand

Though you have made a striking video and have gotten the desired attention, what if people don’t remember who made the video? Glowza digital to let people remember them will consider their branding even in the reaction of animation. Likewise, your animated video should be in consideration of the brand values and should align them to help people connect with them. To make it easier, draft a video branding guide to help you stay aligned with the basic ideas that every video will follow.


Animation itself is a different world. Putting effort and time into coming up with the perfect visuals but ending up with a poor final outcome is a heartache only animators can experience. But it is now easier to gain new skills. However, it also demands your attention to minor mistakes that end up being a disappointment for you. 

With bringing light to some of the common mistakes, it is now easier for you to overcome them.

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