Celebrate New Year with stunning looks

New years eve is just around the corner, soon there will be a different kind of air in the atmosphere. There will be smiles on every face, a start of new beginnings, and a hope that next year things will be different. And for this most of us have started planning where we will celebrate. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to a friend’s place or a fancy place, you’ll need a dress. And that’s where the actual problem comes what are you going to wear to the party? Because as soon as the days come close, every fashionable outfit that is in high demand is almost sold out. Later on, all you are left with are the left-out pieces. So don’t waste your time and start looking for ideas right away.  

Some of the shortlisted looks for the New Year:

Mini Dress

To have a cute girly look go for a mini dress, in this also you can choose to wear an off-shoulder or strapless dress. And with this, all you need to do is wear high heels and put on some makeup and minimal jewelry. But only this won’t make out, you have to take something warm along with this, and what else can be a good option except a leather jacket. Leather jackets are evergreen, pair them with anything you like and they will give you the perfect look.  

Sequins Dress

New Year will feel dull if you eliminate the sparkle from it. And the best way to look the eye candy on the eve is to wear a dress that everyone talks about. You can buy anything with sequins, for instance, a top, a mid-length dress, or even a gown. Moreover, there are various styles in which you can wear them, for example, an off-shoulder dress, one shoulder dress, a top with a skirt, and more. With this, you can pair up matching heels or even go for neon ones, and earrings or chokers according to your choice. 


It might be possible that you don’t like too many sparkle-like sequins, so for that, there is an alternative in which you will look as glamorous as glitters. Various fabrics have glitters they are not too much nor too less. 

You must have seen it already somewhere, in movies or on your Instagram feeds. 

Add this to your closet and get ready to be the girl to whom everyone will look up for. Especially in glitter black color looks flawless, although you can go for any color you like. But it’s just a suggestion. With this pair up some boots or heels according to your choice, or these days wearing sneakers are also in trend. So you can give it a thought for that too. 

Leather dress

Can you imagine winters without leather? No right, it just sounds so absurd, how someone can complete their looks without leather. 

But just a leather jacket alone won’t make you look fabulous. You have to level up your looks with a leather dress. In this, you can go for the latest trend which is of deep V-neck, it will give a chic overall look. Moreover, this year calls for some stunning jewelry, a matching sling bag, and a pair f matching heels. It will give you a monochrome look. 

Things to Remember for eye catchy look! 

Footwear Selection

Whenever you are choosing your heels, go for sparkly heels or boots. As there are very less occasions where you can look glamorous, and even at that time you were subtle things. You might look dull in front of others. 


 Always go for sparkles and glitters in your overall attire, or if you don’t like wearing them. Then the other option is to go for sparkly accessories like earrings, clutch, chokers, bold shimmery makeup, and glittery nail polish. 

Carry Something Cozy

As it is winter season, along with your attire don’t forget to carry something warm with you. Have a matching trench coat or jacket that goes well with your dress. Because we don’t think so along with partying you want to catch a cold. 

Are you falling apart with no dresses in your closet?

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Fringe Benefits of Fabriclore

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