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Hanes vs. Gildan: The Ultimate Battle

It’s about time that we make a comparison of everyone’s two favorite brands, Gildan and Hanes. 

Both of these brands are the biggest and most popular players in the blank apparel business. Creating high-quality clothing at competitive prices and directly competing with one another in this market. How do you choose which brand to utilize for your personalized tees when they are all so similar?

We pitted their top 5 T-shirts against one another so you could make a decision. We assessed the fabric’s quality overall, as well as its fit, structure, softness, drape, and print surface. Then, after thoroughly inspecting these items from every perspective, we looked at costs, sizes that were offered, and colors. With the help of this article, you can easily choose whether you need to buy Gildan at wholesale prices or look for Hanes wholesale distributors in your area. 

The Battle Begins!

In general, the competing shirts have a lot in common. These tees match each other well. These companies frequently imitate one another’s actions. For instance, they both presently utilize pre-shrunk cotton and are moving toward tear-away labels.

In the majority of these situations, either is a wise choice. However, there are some distinctions that we will highlight below. 

Comparison Between Gildan And Hanes

Traditional T-shirts: Gildan “Ultra Cotton” vs. Hanes “Authentic-T”

The fundamental, typical, and Classic Tee. When you want a simple, go-to T-shirt but aren’t overly choosy, you’re considering T-shirts like these. Simple, well-made T-shirts that print beautifully and are affordable for bigger orders—no frills or extras.

Both the Hanes and Gildan Classic Tees are made of 100% cotton, weigh 6 oz (medium/heavy), have a standard/classic fit, and come in sizes S to XXL. They compete with t-shirts from companies like Fruit of the Loom, Anvil, and Jerzees that are priced similarly.

The Hanes is a bit roomier and has somewhat larger sleeves, whereas the Gildan has a slightly tighter fit.

The Winner:

The Gildan “Ultra Cotton” is what we advise (G200). Although the Hanes “Authentic-T” (5250T) has a little better fit and construction, the Ultra Cotton is much higher in quality, offers 62 more colors, and is less expensive. It also comes in a women’s variant, and it is renowned for dependability with stock. It’s our most popular T-shirt because of all those factors. Basically, it’s our go-to choice in this category.

Fitted T-Shirt: Gildan “Softstyle” Vs. Hanes “Perfect-T”

The Fitted Tee category, also known as fashion fit, slim fit, retail fit, or semi-fitted, moves up to a higher quality and price range. Fitted t-shirts are the way to go if you want a more airy, soft, contemporary, and merch-ready appearance.

Both of these are 4.5 oz ringspun cotton, come in sizes XS to 4XL, and cost the same. Both of them are available in women’s sizes, and although being slightly more affordable, they compete with other fashion-fit T-shirts from companies like Bella+Canvas and Next Level.

The Hanes has smaller sleeves and a somewhat tighter fit.

The Winner:

The Hanes “Perfect-T” is advised (4980). It was nearly a toss-up in this one. Both shirts are comparable in terms of overall quality, fit, and cost. While there are more colors available on the Gildan “SoftStyle” (G640) (65 vs. 46), the Hanes Perfect-T offers a little better print surface and construction without costing more. Although The Perfect-T is not entirely faultless, it is our choice in this area.

Premium T-Shirts: Hanes “Beefy-T” Vs. Gildan “Hammer” 

The most expensive of the five categories, these Premium Tees include name-brand recognition along with heavier weight material, better manufacturing, a classic fit, and a superior print surface. Choose Premium when you want high-quality, long-lasting T-shirts that exhibit value.

Both of these are 6.1 oz, 100% combed ringspun cotton, and they are available in sizes S–XXL. They are in competition with other premium t-shirt brands like American Apparel and Champion.

Although the sleeves on the Hanes are a little bit bigger, the fit is nearly the same.

The Winner: 

We suggest Hanes “Beefy-T” shirts (5180). Although the Gildan “Hammer” (H000) is a high-quality T-shirt, it is a relative newcomer. Although the Hanes Beefy-T is more expensive, there is no doubting the brand’s popularity, reliability, and name recognition. It’s been around since the beginning of custom printing, is a leader in ringspun cotton, and has twice as many colors (53 vs. 27) as the Hammer, making it an obvious choice for this category. 

However, you can easily find your fav product at a much lower price from Hanes wholesale distributors.

Hanes vs. Gildan: Final Statement

T-shirts from Gildan and Hanes are comparable in terms of fit, price, and quality. Overall, Gildan offers more colors and sizes, whereas Hanes has a somewhat higher quality and pricing point. Choose Hanes if brand name and quality are vital. Choose Gildan if cost is your primary issue.

Now that you are aware of the distinctions between these brands, it is time to design your own unique t-shirts. 

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