How to hide tagged photos on Instagram

Hide-tagged photos on Instagram, where you can easily hide the photo tags of any photo. This app allows the users to hide their likes, comments, and all other things when they want to browse through the images stored in their accounts. This app aims at maintaining the privacy of users while they browse through various images uploaded to their accounts. So this app acts like a privacy wall where most of the time no one will know about any such images and hence it will be kept safe from unauthorized access as well.


Instagram has supplied a choice for customers to tag different customers whilst sharing a post. This motion made them capable to exhibit the posts to others or even using the alternative of being on their tagged section.

However, some may also no longer be comfy with this and desire to get rid of the tags. In opposite, some customers are searching to have their tagged pics on their profile. In this blog, each strategy is covered.

Moreover, what does your Instagram feed appears like when you are lively on Instagram does matter? For example, whilst you are the use of the Instagram increase service, this motion will routinely extend the profile visits. Therefore, having a terrific and easy Instagram feed can be essential to attracting greater followers.

To dispose of your title from Instagram-tagged photos

  • To begin, launch the Instagram app for Android or iPhone.
  • Then, faucet the tagged image or video that you favor to remove.
  • Enter the username.
  • Finally, pick out Hide from My Profile from the drop-down menu.
  • You can cover a tagged image or video from your Instagram profile with the aid of following the steps outlined above. If you ever desire to add a photograph or video to your account profile again, repeat steps 1-2 above, and in a while faucet Show on My Profile.

What Happens If You Hide a Tagged Photo On Instagram?

If a tagged photograph is hidden, it will now not exhibit up in your tagged images on the profile. It will nevertheless be seen by the humans who comply with the tag. However, if any person is following you, they will nevertheless see the hidden photograph in their feed. If anyone tags you in a photograph that you don’t favor them to see publicly, there are some methods to forestall them from doing so. You can both block them, alternate your privacy settings and forestall them from tagging you, or file it as unsolicited mail to Instagram’s aid team.

How to conceal Instagram-tagged photos?

Hide Photos from Instagram, this tutorial will exhibit you the effortless way to Hide your pix from the default view.

If you are walking a private or enterprise account on Instagram, you may get worn out of getting tagging notifications. As you know, all of us can tag you on Instagram if you do now not flip the tagging off.

So, if you see any pics on the tagging part of Instagram, each follower can see that. If you are uncomfortable displaying them to others to get rid of them, you have two options:

To take away your identity from Instagram-tagged photos:

  • Open the Instagram app and go to profile.
  • Tap on tagging icon to see which photographs are there
  • Open the pix you are going to eliminate your title or conceal it from the profile
  • Tap on the three-dot icon on the pinnacle proper of the picture
  • Tap on “Remove me from Post.”

 Hide Multiple Photos or Videos at One Time

  • Observe the steps below:
  • On your Android or iPhone, launch the Instagram app.
  • To get admission, the faucet profile image is in the backside proper corner.
  • In the pinnacle right, faucet Menu (three horizontal lines), then Settings.
  • Tap Privacy, then Tags> Approve Tags Manually
  • Tap Edit subsequent to Tagged Posts.
  • Choose the pics or movies you favor to do away with your current profile, then faucet Hide.
  • Hide From Profile needs to be selected.

If you favor doing away with yourself from an image or video in which you have been tagged, first open the Instagram app on your device, then faucet the photograph or video you desire to remove, then faucet your username>Remove Me from Post

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