Kelly Rebecca Nichols: What We Know So Far

All You Need to Know About Alex Jones' Ex-Wife, Kelly Rebecca Nichols

Who is Kelly Rebecca Nichols

Kelly Rebecca Nichols is an American animal rights activist. As the director of media relations and public relations operations for the renowned non-profit group ‘People to Protect Animals’ (PETA), Nichols has been profiled in various American magazines, including “USA Today. Nichols is known as the ex-wife of famous extremist conspiracy theorist and radio anchor Alex Jones.

Nichols’s divorce from Jones was the focus of many because the two were caught in a legal battle for custody of their kids. Like her ex-husband Jones, Kelly Nichols, too, is a subject of controversy. Because of her affiliation with ‘PETA,’ Kelly Nichols has participated in various publicity stunts.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols is a Jewish Woman Born in Texas 54 Years Ago

Kelly Rebecca Nichols was born on July 2, 1968, in Travis County, Texas, to Jewish parents, the late Edmund Lowe Nichols and Sandra Kay Heiligman. She is the mother of 3 children. Children have two siblings: a brother named James Edmund Nichols and a sister named Jill Elizabeth Nichols, who is 54 years old.

Kelly Nichol’s dad Edmund was imprisoned after Nichol pleaded guilty to an offense in 1993. He was employed by the federal government as a diplomat of high rank before his arrest. He was convicted of breaking his Federal Financial Conflict Law of Interest.

Concerning her education level, she’s reported to be an educated woman with at least an undergraduate degree. Still, there isn’t any detailed information on the field she specializes in or the institutions where she earned the certificates. However, Kelly’s love and enthusiasm for animal welfare could indicate what she may have been studying in school.

She Married Alex Jones in 2007

Nichols got married to InfoWars host Alex Jones in 2007. Their marriage, however, only lasted until 2015, after which they split up and went their separate ways following the birth of three children.

Alex Jones is an American radio host and conspiracy theorist who hosts The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas. The show airs through the Genesis Communications Network and the shortwave radio station WWCR in the United States and on the Internet. He also ownsThere is also a website to report fake news and conspiracy theories,

Kelly Rebecca Nichols

Jones was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1974 and was raised within the suburban area of Rockwall in Dallas and in the town of Austin, Texas. His professional career started in Austin with a widely accessible cable television show that was a call-in format. He then moved on to radio. He hosted a program known as the Final Edition on KJFK (98.9 FM).

Jones is not just a well-known presenter and filmmaker of talk radio shows but is well-known for his dedication to the sovereignty of nations, anti-world governments, the concept of the global order of the future, and other theories. Jones is also well-known for his opinions on traditional forms of political thought. In 1999, he and his colleague Shannon Burke won the election for the best Austin talk radio host, as voted by viewers of The Austin Chronicle.

Even though things went smoothly, and everything went well, it was believed Nichols employed her skills in PR and media extensively to help Jones expand his business. She also assisted him in the staging of many public relations stunts. Her divorce was said to have been due to Jones’s affair and his Infowars employee, Lee Ann McAdoo.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols Divorce in 2015

The tale of a mother of three kids cannot be complete without mentioning the gruesome divorce battle between Kelly and her ex-husband. The couple divorced officially in the year 2015. Nichols got away with the alimony of $43,000 per month and lost custody battles before Alex Jones, who was granted full custody of the three children. Their three kids, comprising the 14-year-old son and their nine- and 12-year-old daughters, reside with Alex Jones and his family in Austin, Texas, while his estranged wife is granted restricted visit rights.

It has been disclosed that Nichols has applied recently for joint or sole parental rights for her kids because of Alex Jones’s unstable behavior. She claimed Jones had mental instability and committed several violations requiring strict legal procedures.

In his work as an expert on conspiracy theories, Jones is not one to be averse to controversy. His frequent outbursts and erratic behavior are well-known to viewers. Since their children reside with his family, Nichols fears that his negative behavior could have a significant impact on creating their character.

About this, Nichols said that he is “not a stable person.” He claims he’s planning to slash Alec Baldwin’s neck. He would like J-Lo to be the rape. … The broadcaster is at home. The kids are at home watching him on the TV.”

In the final analysis, she didn’t take the fight for sole custody but settled for joint custody. She is now moving forward with her life and is avoiding the face of the media.

In April, a rumor was that Nichols had won custody of her children. Jones held a press conference on April 28, 2017, to confront the claim, which he believed to be untrue. When news reports stated that he had lost the custody case, Jones made a statement to NBC News, denying the false claims. He clarified that his ex-wife had requested to be the sole conservator of their children and limit his supervision. However, the jury denied her request, and the situation remained the same as when the journey began.

She Is an Animal Rights Activist

To truly understand Kelly Rebecca Nichols’s impact on Alex Jones’ popularity, it’s essential to take a step back and check how she made her mark in the fashion world – albeit differently than Alex. Back in the 90s, Kelly garnered attention and graced the covers of magazines due to her work as an animal rights advocate.

Her efforts were so impressive that she even caught the attention of prominent publications like USA Today, which wouldn’t waste time on subjects that weren’t captivating or easily digestible. Kelly’s dedication to animal rights eventually led to her being appointed as the head of public relations and media operations for PETA – a powerful marketing tool in and of itself.

Just Richest reports that Kelly’s previous successes made her the perfect fit for this role, as they knew she could work her magic to benefit their cause. Then, PETA has never hesitated about its beliefs and will take great measures to attract interest, regardless of the price. Therefore, it is no surprise that Kelly herself has been involved in some of the most notorious and controversial events for PETA, which caught the attention of the mainstream media. Are you starting to get a feeling like this?

In the end, Kelly would be an essential component of no less than Alex Jones receiving a considerable amount of media attention.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols’ Ex-Husband Alex Jones Earned Recognition for His Controversial Opinions

Alex Jones is an American radio host as well as a conspiracy theorist. He hosts The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas. The show is broadcast on Genesis Communications Network and shortwave radio station WWCR across the United States and on the Internet. The show also features a fake news and conspiracy website called This has made him a controversial figure to the American public. However, he can be described as having succeeded in his professional career.

Jones was born on April 24, 1974, in Dallas, Texas, to Carol and David Jones, and grew up in the Dallas suburb of Rockwall and the City in Austin, Texas. His father worked as a dentist, while his mom was a housekeeper.

Alex received a high-quality education, and this led him to the career path that was his choice. He went to Anderson High School and played as a lineman on the school’s football team. He entered college with Austin College, although he later left the college due to reasons that weren’t revealed.

His professional career began in Austin by hosting a live, call-in format cable television show. He then changed the format to radio and hosted the show The Last Edition, which aired on KJFK (98.9 FM); however, he was fired. Alex Jones began broadcasting his fake news program in the comfort of his own home. However, he was initially unable to do so because of controversy and inability to attract enough advertisers to fund the show. Since then, Alex Jones has done exceptionally well and appeared in various other TV shows, despite his controversial nature.

In addition to being a well-known host of a talk show on the radio and a filmmaker, Jones is also known for his advocacy for national sovereignty, anti-world governance, the concept of a new world order, and many other theories. Jones is also known for his views on traditional political systems.

He was a winner in 1999 when he took home his first prize in the Best Austin Talk Radio Host poll, which The Austin Chronicle readers voted on along with his co-host Shannon Burke.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols Might Have Helped Alex Jones’ Fame with Her PR Skills.

Although the business was booming, it is believed that Kelly Rebecca Nichols used her PR and media expertise extensively to help her husband, Jones, grow his business. She also helped him in executing most of his public events. Although Alex Jones was good at doing what he did, many of his controversial ideas earned him a negative reputation with the public. This was evident in their separation from their wife. The benefit of being controversial has earned Alex more viewers who were watching his programs.

A few of the conspiracy theories focused on white genocide and mass immigration, and racial integration as an attempt to create a white minority. Another conspiracy theory is that Alex Jones claimed that the government was using weather as a weapon against citizens. Alex Jones has established numerous websites, including and This has allowed Alex Jones to sell a large amount of merchandise, such as bulletproof vests, dietary supplements, and even bulletproof vests.

She Has Worked in PETA’s Public Relations Department

There isn’t much information about Kelly Rebecca’s education and which institutions she went to. But, given that it is widely recognized that she was employed within PETA’s PR department, she should have completed her higher education. But until she can prove this, we are unable to be sure.

As a PETA employee in the PR department, Kelly Rebecca Nichols was involved in several controversies. Some of her public controversies involved non-profit animal rights groups. She was a person who would go to the extreme to make a point. She was seen throwing the dead raccoon off editor Anna Wintour’s dish during a meal to promote the rights of animals.

To promote her campaign against fur, she threw a tofu cream pie over fashion designer Oscar de la Renta’s cheek. She’s not afraid to get into the midst of controversy, particularly concerning the rights of animals.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols Did Not Get Custody Rights for Their Children

After the divorce, Kelly Rebecca Nichols received substantial money from her ex-husband, Alex Jones, totaling $3.1 million. In addition to the monetary settlement, the court ordered Jones to return essential documents and keys to their shared home in Austin, Texas. However, despite losing custody of their three children, Nichols remains determined to fight for her rights as a mother and ensure they are not left in the care of her former spouse, who is now with another partner.

Kelly and Alex Jones’ Children’s Custody Battle Ended Up Favoring Alex

Kelly Rebecca took the initial ruling in court, claiming the husband was criminal and mentally unstable in taking charge of their kids. For a man who is controversial, such as Alex Jones, finding his remarks to put against him was easy for Kelly. When she was in court, Kelly cited various instances from his television show where he commented about things he shouldn’t have said.

For instance, he claimed he would like Jennifer Lopez raped and threatened Adam Schiff and Alec Baldwin. She also clarified to the judge that he wasn’t an ideal role model for their children and that keeping them in his care was not the best idea since they’d end up doing worse than their father.

Her arguments were convincing and clear to the judge and the judge, who both were granted joint custody, and she was also given the power to choose which place the children would be.

Alex Jones Ex-wife Is Still Single

Following her divorce from Alex Jones, Kelly has not been known to be dating or married to anyone else. Based on the appearance of things, she’s focused on establishing a successful career and caring for her kids. She’s establishing a profession as an animal-rights advocate and a public relations consultant.

She Has Two Siblings

Kelly Rebecca Nichols was born on July 2, 1968, and is the daughter of Sandra Kay Heiligman and Edmund Lowe. She grew up with two siblings: a brother named James Edmund Nichols and a sister named Jill Elizabeth Nichols. Her father, a former top Diplomat of the United States of America, was charged with violating federal law on financial conflicts of interest when Kelly was just 25 years old. He was found guilty after a court hearing and sentenced to prison in 1993. Despite the lack of information about Kelly’s upbringing, it can be assumed that she had a privileged childhood due to her father’s position.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols’ biography

She is a member of a family that has Jewish family ancestry. Kelly Rebecca Nichols’ age is 55 as of June 2023. She was born on 2 July 1968 in Travis County, Texas, USA, on 2 July 1968. The activist for animal rights is PETA’s head of public relations and media in Norfolk, Virginia.

Kelly hasn’t remarried since getting divorced from Alex. Her name was changed to Violet Jones after marrying Alex in 2007. The couple had two daughters and a son, and Kelly was her husband’s public relations adviser. She assisted him in expanding the InfoWars brand and promoted his shows.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols’ parents

Kelly’s parents are Edmund Lowe Nichols and Sandra Kay Heiligman. Edmund Lowe was the US diplomatic officer at the highest level of the US government. He was dismissed from the position after pleading guilty to financial fraud in 1993. Kelly has two children, James Edmund and Jill Elizabeth.

Who is Kelly Rebecca Nichols’ spouse?

Kelly hasn’t remarried since the divorce from Alex. Her name was changed to Violet Jones after marrying Alex in 2007. The couple had two daughters and a son, and Kelly worked as Alex’s public relations adviser. She assisted him in expanding the InfoWars brand and promoted his shows.

She sought a divorce in 2013 since he had an extramarital relationship with his coworker, Lee Ann McAdoo. The judge ruled on the divorce in 2015 and awarded Kelly Rebecca Nichols’ children’s custody to their mother. The court also required Alex to pay her $3.1 million, giving Alex their Austin, Texas, mansion.

Alex Jones’ ex-wife stayed not publicly appearing after she attacked her former husband, the Vogue Editor and fashionista. But her name is again in the spotlight because of the ongoing investigations into her ex-husband.

How old is Alex Jones’s ex-wife?

Kelly Rebecca Nichols is famously well-known as Alex Jones’s ex-wife, a radio host and a conspiracy theorist. Kelly was in the spotlight due to Alex Jones’ fame as a husband. Kelly Rebecca Nichols was born on 2 July 1968. As of 2023, she is 55 years old.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols Career

Kelly has been an animal advocate for about 30 years, and she became the director of media and public relations operations for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) at the beginning of her career.

To get the job, she needed to relocate to Norfolk, Virginia.

Kelly is famous for being a little extreme in showing her points; for instance, she was once at the city’s Four Seasons Restaurant and put dead raccoons on the plates served to Anna Wintour, a British journalist. In another instance, she throws a tofu cream pie in the face of Oscar de la Rena, an aspiring fashion designer, as Oscar loves the idea of working using fur.

In the wake of her actions, Kelly has been mentioned in several magazines, and her picture may have been visible on the cover of the publication “USA Today”.

What is Kelly Rebecca Nichols’ net worth?

As per Biography Tribune, her net worth is believed to be at least $3 million. It should be taken into consideration that this figure could be more. Following the separation, Kelly got a lot of cash from her husband. Additionally, she gives her $43,000 in monthly alimony.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols Relationship

After her separation from Alex Jones, Kelly has not been believed to be in any relationship or getting married to anyone else. According to her appearance, Kelly is determined to build an independent career while caring for her children. She is making a name to be an animal-rights advocate and a public relations consultant.

Why was Alex Jones ordered to pay punitive damages?

Jones spewed the truth about his rightwing conspiracy publication Infowars and other media outlets.

Theorist for conspiracy theories Alex Jones ordered to pay $4.1m for fraudulent Sandy Hook claims.

The jury’s verdict was intended to pay Heslin and Lewis for Jones’s conduct. The award handed out on Friday, after approximately 4 hours of deliberations, was designed to smack Jones for his conduct that jury, in their unanimous decision, deemed indecent.

In the days before the verdict was read, one of the plaintiff’s attorneys, Wes Ball, asked the jury to write a “very, very simple message”.

What did the family say about the court’s decision?

On December. 14 14 December 2012, 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed 20 first-graders and six teachers at the Newtown, Conn., elementary school. Lanza fatally shot his mother in the home before heading to the school. He committed suicide as the police arrived in.

However, the incident was presented in Jones’ Infowars talk show as a ruse to promote the false politically-motivated will of the right with actors involved in raising the bar on gun control.

Alex Jones is found liable in the case of the Sandy Hook hoax conspiracy

The victims’ families brought a defamation action in Connecticut to Jones and his media ties to disprove the false claim of the incident being an elaborate hoax.

Kelly and Jones children

The two media icons divorced with three children: two girls and a boy. Kelly was furious. Kelly started divorce proceedings, which ended within four years. Then, in 2015 the court confirmed the divorce. Kelly continued to apply for another two years to claim care for their children. She ultimately won the case by convincing the jury that Alex was not a suitable parent.

Even as she walked home with custody rights, Alex Jones only managed to maintain access rights to her children. Their sole child Rex Jones is in his 20s. He is exceptionally skilled and has been a part of Jones in The InfoWars program. He has been admired by many because of his scepticism regarding gun control laws.

Kelly Rebecca wealth

The tireless Kelly has yet to divulge information about her earnings and net worth for the general public. According to sources, the primary source estimates her net worth at more than $3 million. This is a result of her the PR industry, as well as the divorce settlement she received. However, Alex Jones has accumulated a sum of around $5 million.


Who is Kelly Rebecca Nichols?

Kelly Rebecca Nichols is an activist for animal rights, well-known for her involvement in conjunction with PETA. Her birth date was June 2, 1968, in Travis County, Texas. She was previously engaged with Alex Jones, a far-right radio host and conspiracy theorist.

What does Kelly Rebecca Nichols do professionally?

Kelly Rebecca Nichols works as the director of public relations and media operations relationships of PETA (People to Protect Animals through Ethical Practices), one of the world’s most prominent animal rights groups.

When were Kelly Rebecca Nichols and Alex Jones married?

Kelly Rebecca Nichols and Alex Jones were married in 2007. The couple split in 2015.

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