Look Chic without Spending an Arm and a Leg

A common misconception that prevails in the minds of many is that you cannot dress like a Hollywood star. At least not until you spend on your clothing as much as they do! Well, that is not completely true. If you follow certain hacks and tricks, you can give yourself the influencer look without spending huge amounts. Whether you like to invest in Pakistani clothes online USA or western wear, it is better to look for affordable options.

Here are some tips that can also help you to save money without compromising on your style:

No Shopping Challenge


The name of the challenge is self-explanatory. You will have to challenge yourself to not shop for a set amount of time. After challenging, you will have to stick to it. No cheating allowed. During the challenge, you can’t buy any type of clothes, accessories, or jewelry for yourself. The challenge aims to force yourself to re-use and invent new ways of wearing whatever you have.

Trust me when I say that you will come up with the most creative ideas to wear your clothes. Because the need is the mother of invention and you will see it work. The challenge lasts for varying lengths for different people. Some stop themselves from shopping for a couple of months while others keep from doing so for a complete year.

Shop the Classics


If you wish to look trendy every time you dress up, you will have to invest in some classics. Remember that it is always a good idea to have a small wardrobe that is full of clothes that fit you well and are classy. If you think that you made a smart move by investing in cheap clothes and saved money, you should re-consider. Quality over quantity should be your mantra.

Here I would also like to mention that what is a classic for one girl might not be so for the other. So, invest in pieces that are classy by your definition of it. For me, a plain black dress with golden statement earrings is always the go-to classics. The classic look varies according to gender and the style that one supports.

Therefore, buy less but buy good quality stuff and focus on things that you feel comfortable wearing.

Dress for Your Shape

Think of your body part that you like the most and highlight that. Having said that, you cannot do so without investing in the appropriate clothes that help you in achieving your goal. DO NOT think of the size that you wear and think of sticking to it at all times. You should know that the same size has a different fitting in different dresses. Also, the sizes vary from one brand to the other.

So, that is a completely wrong approach to stick to ‘the size’. Always, try out the dress or whatever you are investing in before you purchase it. Know about your measurements and use them to select the best fit for yourself. Do not let the trendiness of a clothing force you into purchasing it. If it does not look good on you, you shouldn’t buy it.

Your Style Star

Choose a style star for yourself. It can be anyone. From a celebrity to an influencer, you can draw inspiration from anyone whom you admire. Once you know who your style icon is, print pictures of them, cut them, and pin them to a cupboard or anything that you find suitable. Do not become a complete copycat who copies everything that her style icon wears. The purpose of this exercise is to draw inspiration.

Having said this, your style inspiration can keep changing as well. And you do not have to necessarily follow the current icons or celebs. You might find your icon in a 50’s model. The truth is that a friend’s dressing style can be an inspiration to you as well.

Shop Online Sparingly

Online shopping is a convenient way of getting whatever you want. However, this habit can also lead you into spending more than you actually should. For example, imagine having ordered a dress your size only to realize that it comes with some different measurements from this brand. You just wasted money on a dress that you cannot wear.

If you want, you can shop online for jewelry, accessories, scarves, and the like. But do not trust this method every time you wish to add western or eastern women dresses to your wardrobe.

Other than that, no harm in repeating your clothes. Change their look by wearing different accessories and jewelry, or adding layers. Another thing that will benefit you a great deal is investing in essentials.

Good luck!

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