Looking Back at Joseph Christopher Lewis Life, The Rejected Son of Jerry Lewis

Not everyone escapes the twists in life for many people. But in your life, you do what you want. As of the like of Joseph Christopher Lewis, the meaning of this definite expression never came by. Read on to find out what happened.

What You Need to Know Concerning Joseph Christopher Lewis

Who is Joseph Christopher Lewis

Being born into privilege is what happened to this man. Joseph Christopher Lewis is the child of the recognized comic genius, Jerry Lewis. The jester who flocked the television screens as a singer, actor, comedian, filmmaker, writer, director, and humanitarian. Jerry Lewis was acknowledged through the show, The Double Act, in 1946. 

This was the time together with his acting buddy, Dean Martin got known as Martin and James. Their talents in nightclubs, television, and films were widely known. However, Jerry Lewis would not spare time for Joseph Christopher Lewis and his brothers. But would spend most of his time on cameras and shows. A father’s character which never suited well with the youngest son. 

‘Though he looks happy.’ This youngest son to Jerry Lewis, Joseph Christopher Lewis always felt disowned
‘Though he looks happy.’ This youngest son to Jerry Lewis, Joseph Christopher Lewis always felt disowned

Who Are the Siblings of Joseph Christopher Lewis?

The Jerry Lewis family was large. Coming from an acting father, Joseph Christopher Lewis had other six siblings. He had four real brothers, an adopted brother as well, and a sister. Why the adopted kids? It seems his dad had a calling for adoption. 

His dad had the desire to provide a home for other children. First, it was Ronald Stephen Lewis whom he adopted with his ex-wife Patti Palmer. Next, was Danielle Sarah Lewis whom his dad became so fond of. And so, Joseph Christopher Lewis got related to five brothers and one sister.

Below are their names: 

  • Gary Harold Lewis

He is the eldest brother of Joseph Christopher Lewis. Gary Lewis was born on 31 July 1945 in the largest city of New York located in one of the U.S. states, New Jersey. Gary is a musician who started his musical journey at 14 years of age. Why did Gary start his musical career at this early age? As he celebrated one of his birthdays, his parents appreciated him with a drum gift.

Most times he would then play the drum to fulfill his joy. An instrument that would later become the foundation of his musical career. At 18 years of age, Gary then created a musical band with the likes of David Costell, David Walker, AI Ramsey, and John West. In the band, Gary would play the drum as always, AI Ramsey the guitar, and John West played the keyboards. 

On one occasion two of Gary’s bandmates were late for a show. When Gary saw the boys, he shouted calling them the Play Boys. And since then, the name was fixed and the band got nicknamed Gary Lewis and the Play Boys. The band became well known attracting attention with hits like, This Diamond Ring, Green Grass, Count Me In, and Save Your Heart for Me. 

Gary also is an acting boy. At one time in his father’s movie, The Nutty Professor. He was seen singing, The Land of La-La-La in collaboration with his dad. To date, Gary Lewis and the Play Boys band are still active. They mostly perform on cruise ships, corporal occasions, casinos, festivals, and trade fair events.

‘The 21st Century Play Boys Band’. From the left is Mike Gladstone, Nick Rather, Gary Lewis, Wiley O’ Riley, Bobby Bond and on the far right is Gary Lewis with his dad, Jerry Lewis
‘The 21st Century Play Boys Band’. From the left is Mike Gladstone, Nick Rather, Gary Lewis, Wiley O’ Riley, Bobby Bond and on the far right is Gary Lewis with his dad, Jerry Lewis
  • Ronald Steven Lewis

He is Joseph Christopher Lewis second eldest brother. Though adopted by his parents, Ronald Steven Lewis was born on 29 December 1949. Much is not known about him but somehow, he had found space in his dad’s acting career. He was once seen on screen in his dad’s two shows; The Jerry Lewis Show and Screen Snapshots: Hollywood City of Stars. Many of his friends refer to him as Ronnie Lewis.

‘Jerry Lewis & his ex-wife Patti Palmer’. With him is Ronald Steven Lewis and his eldest son, Gary Harold Lewis with his mum.
‘Jerry Lewis & his ex-wife Patti Palmer’. With him is Ronald Steven Lewis and his eldest son, Gary Harold Lewis with his mum.
  • Scott Antony Lewis

Amongst Joseph Christopher Lewis brother’s, Scott Antony Lewis is the boy who resembles his father both in film and in character. Scott is a photographer, film producer, and comedian just like his dad. He started his film career besides that of his parents. He has been seen on screen via shows like Hardly Working (1980), Cracking Up (1983), and In Partners in 1980. 

He also involved himself with production jobs on Lizzie Macguire (2003) and Las Vegas (2003). However, this third brother to Joseph Christopher Lewis has a sense of mystery. Scott is an active person in films but likes to keep his life in the dark. Why is it so? Perhaps he just wants to maintain control of his life to avoid the twist of narratives like his father.

Unlike his other elder brothers, Scott was born in Santa Monica, California in the U.S. As of today, he is 67 years old.

‘Jerry Lewis & his family back in 1956’. Below is Jerry holding his third born son, Scott Antony Lewis. Behind him, from left is Ronald Lewis, his ex-wife Patti Palmer and Gary Lewis
‘Jerry Lewis & his family back in 1956’. Below is Jerry holding his third born son, Scott Antony Lewis. Behind him, from left is Ronald Lewis, his ex-wife Patti Palmer and Gary Lewis
  • Christopher Joseph Lewis

He is the fourth boy in the Jerry Lewis family. Christopher Joseph Lewis was born in October 1957 a year later after his brother Scott. Nothing much is said about him and neither his interests nor his career is known. But biologically, he is the fourth brother to Joseph Christopher Lewis. 

Sometimes his name is known to mix up whether he is Christopher Joseph Lewis or else Joseph Christopher Lewis. The names are of two distinct brothers. Their names sound similar and have the same spelling but both are Jerry Lewis sons. At this time, he is 66 years of age. 

  • Antony Joseph Lewis

He is the last brother to Joseph Christopher Lewis. He was born on October 1959. Similarly, to his other brother Scott Antony Lewis, Antony Joseph is a talented filmmaker who has his own production company. But none of his courtship or marriage is rumored about. Why? Possibly he is unique unlike his other family members and prefers to keep his life close. 

Something that he would not like to share openly. However, we will update you if anything pops up about him. He is 64 years old as of 2023.

  • Danielle Sarah Lewis

As her name goes Danielle Sarah Lewis, Danielle got named after Jerry Lewis father and her great-grandmother. Her grandfather’s name is Daniel Levtich who was aliased as Danny Lewis while the name of her great grandma is Sara Brodsky Rothenberg. Jerry Lewis wanted to name his daughter after his parents. Why did he do so? Joseph Christopher Lewis dad having brought up his five children seemed to be more of a family man. 

He seemed to recognize his parent’s family that had earlier existed. And as such, Danielle’s father chose to continue the family lineage by naming his daughter after his dear parents. Danielle Sarah Lewis was born on March 1992 to his dad’s other marriage. Did Joseph Christopher Lewis dad get married again? Oh! Yes, he did.

As a result, Danielle was the daughter brought home to Joseph Christopher Lewis step-mum, Sandra Pitnick. Danielle was an American nationality legally acquired to fill the gap of a long-waited child in the family. Her foster-mum had suffered two miscarriages and still longed for a child. So, Danielle got adopted in the process as a way to heal her loss.

She was brought up in the family and taken as the best child by his dad. Till now her life status is not known. She opts to be silent about her life. As of now, this step-sister to Joseph Christopher Lewis is 31 years.

Why Did Joseph Christopher Lewis Dad Get Married Again?

Sometimes marriages are short-lived. Maybe because one of the partners in the marriage is unhappy and is possibly falling out of love. Why? Mostly when you are the talk of the town everybody wants to associate with you. Joseph Christopher Lewis dad was famous due to his comic talent. He was referred to as the King of Comedy and due to this, he was admired by many.

He had his opinions and choices about life. At some point, as the stars appear to be more in the sky, Jerry Lewis was accused of having multiple partners. He felt more of himself as he explored life with full polyamory. Interestingly, even though he was a family man, Jerry Lewis was a lustful kind.

First, it happened when he was at the age of 12. Jerry Lewis had his first encounter with a stripper named, Trudine. What they did at the club backstage when his father was filming was more of a sexual escapade. Something he never forgot. The exotic dancer lured Joseph Christopher Lewis dad into the dressing room and whatever they did, he became fond of it.

Onwards, he still kept the fire burning throughout his career. He kept saying that he not only found pretty girls on shows but also, they were everywhere. He always looked at who was to follow in his next move. Secondly, it was his affair with the Hollywood celeb, Marilyn Monroe which was all in the papers. He dated the famous actress while still in marriage with Joseph Christopher Lewis mum, Patti Palmer. 

Nevertheless, Marilyn Monroe was thrice divorced something Jerry Lewis never gave much thought to. Instead, he went on with the fling and was never shy about it. At some point during his interview with GQ in 2011, he denied having an affair with the renowned American actress, Marilyn Monroe. But later disclosing the affair terming it as enjoyable, passionate, and full of sex like he was with humor.

This did not end there. And like the blood flows, still the electricity of having affairs kept on burning in him. Even though his wife Patti, kept a welcoming atmosphere and warmth at home. The enjoyment of another was still palpable. He continued to keep the spark alive and this time again, he was in a relationship with the recognized American model, Lynn Dixon Kleinmann.

Together they had an affair for three years. Making it all clear that great times never came only from comedy scripts or modeling, but also from personal enjoyment. This was the most heartbreaking moment for his wife Patti. Why? The three year’s long affair eventually led to the two lovers giving birth to a daughter named Susan Minoret

Do not get it as easy as every Jerry Lewis love affair. Susan Minoret was disowned and never recognized as a biological daughter. As much as she fought and went public declaring that Jerry Lewis was her dad. Joseph Christopher Lewis dad not only discontinued the relationship with her mother but also never cared about her. 

The hot love which seemed to exist was no more. Hard as it sounds, it was the real truth. During this time, Joseph Christopher Lewis mum was no longer able to bear with her husband. She claimed that Jerry Lewis had neglected his family’s needs and was living an extravagant life. Why was this happening? After damping, Lynn Dixon, Jerry Lewis got entangled with another woman called SanDee Pitnick.

He would continue to lavish the lady with gifts, jewelry, and money for housekeeping. Unknowingly of whom his husband will take next, Patti Palmer then decided to file for a divorce. She now was tired of her husband and chose to quit the marriage. Patti went ahead and filed for a separation legally where she demanded $450,000 as a year upkeep for her and the kids.

The court proceedings became successful which signified the end of 35 years marriage. This never marked the end of Jerry Lewis surprises. In less than a month, after the divorce. Jerry declared his marriage to his current private crush, SanDee Pitnick. 

At this time Joseph Christopher Lewis was 16 years of age. 

Who Is Joseph Christopher Lewis Step-Mom?

But come to think of it. Jerry Lewis always involved himself with Hollywood celebrities. So, SanDee Pitnick cannot be away from the cameras. She is a famous American actress and dancer. She achieved her fame through the 1980 film, Working Hard. In the show, she participated as a dancer though she is a well-known actress.

SanDee Pitnick is a U.S born citizen hailing from a well-up family. She was born on 8 September 1950 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Though she likes keeping her family background private, she believes in Christian values and practices. Thus, since Christians are not limited to the field of knowledge, SanDee must be educated.

Regarding her education, much is unsaid about her schooling. But can an expert dancer and actor not be educated? Well, no! I disagree. Joseph Christopher Lewis step-mum must be learned. At the University of North Carolina School of Arts SanDee Pitnick took ballet classes and became a nutcracker in ballerina.

She acquired her fame through her husband’s prowess in comedy as her husband was known to be superstardom with his hilarious talents. She was obsessed with him and both made their way to the top. And through shows like Telethon Self (2014), Hardly Working (1980), and Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon (1966), the acting duo who at the same time were lovers became famous.

In addition, Joseph Christopher Lewis step-mum is known to have abundant financial stability. Due to her acting career, SanDee has acquired a significant amount of assets. Her financial estimate is more than $100 million. Especially in beauty, she has been a brand ambassador for different company products. An effort that contributes to her income.

However, SanDee fell in love with Jerry Lewis while he was still married. They met each other when the film producer was searching for actors in his show, Hardly Working. Together they had an affair secretly where Jerry Lewis rented an apartment for SanDee in Las Vegas. Love flourished between them, and thereafter the two lovebirds declared their vows on 13 February 1983, in Key Biscayne Florida.

Thereafter, SanDee then became the second wife to Joseph Christopher Lewis father. However, after the marriage something was amiss. Can you guess? Oh! Please let me give you the details. SanDee and her husband wanted to make a family to no avail. 

What exactly happened? SanDee’s motherhood journey was filled with pain as she lost two pregnancies. Due to this, the couple then settled for adoption and this is when Danielle Sarah Lewis came into their lives. Danielle caught her father’s eyes and became the favorite among his seven children. She was everywhere in her father’s life.

Not only was Danielle the manager of her father’s productions but also, she came first in the line. Jerry Lewis always boasted about her whether in public or at home. She was the center of attraction in both families. Making it clear that Jerry Lewis was mostly fond of Danielle among his other six children. 

While Danielle’s dad went ahead bragging about her, Susan Minoret on the other hand roamed about with no place to call home. A situation that Jerry Lewis never took as a subject of concern. Joseph Christopher Lewis dad always boasted about Danielle. He confirmed that he does not need to ask whether Danielle loves him, but she loves him already. 

Furthermore, reiterating that she is the perfect being he had long searched for. Both seemed to share an unbreakable bond. Something that made Danielle’s mum the most adored wife to Jerry Lewis. As a result, leaving all his personal and household property to her. Why? SanDee was the final point of Jerry Lewis love affairs. 

To some extent being referred to as his representative. Both were married for 34 years till her husband’s death on August 2017. Her full name is Sandra SanDee Pitnick and as of now, she is 73 years.

Where Is Joseph Christopher Lewis Step-Mom?

For now, much is not told about her current place. Maybe after inheriting the abundant wealth of his husband, Jerry Lewis. SanDee possibly wants a private and secure life. It is likely that due to the increased wealth, she now likes to distance herself from the public. Most especially the other Jerry Lewis family that was left with nothing.

Regarding this, SanDee together with her daughter Danielle, auctioneered some of Jerry Lewis property. Hundreds of the legend’s personal belongings, while he was acting, were up for sale. Is it so? Yes, it is.  At Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, the items went on the market through Julien’s Auctions. A bidder who specializes in the selling of notable iconic artifacts and collections.

You can get in touch with the bidder if you need some good collections sold out via LinkedIn. However, not everything was for sale like the ring on Danielle’s right hand. The ring belonged to her grandmother and was given to her on her 12-year birthday. But some of the auctioneered Jerry Lewis property included:

  • Tweet Burgundy Suit (worn in The Nutty Professor show)
  • Three vintage black eyeglass frames
  • Collection of Jerry Lewis watches
  • Personal cufflinks (from briefcases, clothing, handguns, and portfolios)

Despite everything, Joseph Christopher Lewis step-mum is still widowed and has not been married again. As of today, she is still single.

Why Was Joseph Christopher Lewis Excluded from His Dad’s Will?

Despite Jerry Lewis being comic and famous, he was a no-nonsense guy. He never shared a good relationship with his six sons. Why? It is noted that Jerry Lewis was a man of many ladies. Most times he was out of home either acting or in his romantic adventures. Somehow this never fitted well with the boys.

To some extent, making Joseph Christopher Lewis refer to his dad as brutal and ill-mannered. Not an inch was Jerry Lewis moved by his son’s allegations. Instead, he was more bothered about his career, unlike the life of his children. He continued neglecting his children’s welfare but ironic at the same time. Jerry Lewis gave more time and money to other kids called the Jerry Kids.

Jerry Kids was a group of kids living with genetic disorders and to whom much was given by Jerry Lewis. Something that would later lead Jerry Lewis to cut off all his six sons from his will. No one knows the reasons behind his actions. But what can make a father do this? Perhaps Jerry Lewis felt that his children were not a major role in his life.

Therefore, making sure that the kids were not worth his inheritance. But who does that? Well, this was not just by talk but he had documented it. Joseph Christopher Lewis dad had left a will which openly said that he had disinherited all of his five biological sons including Ronald. Further, stating that neither of his grandchildren nor their descendants will act as beneficiaries.

What happened to Joseph Christopher Lewis?

Since Joseph Christopher Lewis was the youngest boy in the family, he always believed that his father never loved him. Why? He thought that his father, Jerry Lewis had longed for a girl during his birth and not another son. Unfortunately, he came out to the world as a boy. The gender his father held no power to change. 

As a result, Joe as his many friends liked to call him, felt abandoned and hated by his father. Due to this, Joseph Christopher Lewis tried to disconnect himself from the family. But still, he would reach out to his father with no progress. Later on, without getting the attention that he direly wanted, he started seeking professional help. Joe would frequently go for therapies but this did not work.

Afterward, Joseph Christopher Lewis fell into taking drugs and drinking alcohol. He became so intoxicated that he could no longer sustain himself while working. He died in Utah on 24 October 2009 due to a drug overdose. If he would have been alive today, Joe would be 45 years.

However, he left behind three cute sons from his two marriages. First, he got married to Kim and they had two boys, Bobby Lewis and Dan Lewis. But the marriage only lasted for three years. Later marrying his now-widowed wife, Cheri Wilson and they had another boy.

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