National Geographic Online

National Geographic Online offers an expansive collection of articles and videos about animals, the environment, geography, history – making it a fantastic resource for kids of all ages.

National Geographic Magazine and its archive of articles dating back to 1888 are included for annual subscribers, along with 10 issues of Nat Geo Kids magazine.

National Geographic Magazine

National Geographic is the world’s most beloved science and nature magazine, featuring captivating photographs, insightful essays and insights into global cultures.

Topics covered include geography, history, archaeology and anthropology. Featured stories often focus on people and their customs.

Established in 1888, The New York Times has become a go-to source for news and information around the globe. Published monthly since then, its topics range from science and culture to nature and travel.

This magazine is printed in a thick, square-bound glossy format. Subscriptions also include map supplements from National Geographic Maps.

This publication is an ideal choice for high school classrooms, libraries, waiting rooms and bedside tables. Its articles are supported by rigorous research and feature stunning photographic content featuring views from the ocean floor, space exploration missions and animals in their natural environments.

National Geographic Education offers educators all of the resources they need to create engaging geography-based learning activities for students, such as videos, photos, interactives, maps and educator guides. Furthermore, educators can search, bookmark and save resources for later use on the site.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids subscriptions are an engaging way to spark your child’s curiosity about animals, nature and the world around them. Each issue is jam-packed with exciting scientific breakthroughs, captivating stories about wild animals and exotic places, cool comics and myths busted, stunning photos and facts plus games and activities that make learning fun!

National Geographic Kids, with its online component, is an invaluable resource for young learners. It features educational games, kid-friendly information and high-quality videos.

It’s the ideal companion for older students who are eager to discover more about animals, and teachers can use it as a helpful tool to increase their students’ interest in science and geography lessons.

Gale Presents: National Geographic Kids module is part of the National Geographic Virtual Library, offering an exhaustive archive of National Geographic magazine – every page – along with cross-searchable collections of books, maps, images and videos related to National Geographic topics. These resources can be utilized in primary through middle school English Language Arts classrooms as well as social studies and science classrooms.

National Geographic Education

National Geographic Education offers an expansive library of content designed to spark kids’ curiosity about science, nature, wildlife, culture, geography and archaeology. The website boasts an abundance of multimedia files such as videos, photos, games and at-home activity suggestions.

This site provides engaging learning materials for teachers and students alike. All content is written with an entertaining yet educational tone, connecting directly to the National Curriculum and Scottish Curriculum for Excellence – making sure children will enjoy exploring it.

Established in 1888, The National Geographic Society is the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organization. Its missions encompass geography, archaeology and natural science research; environmental conservation; as well as world culture and history study. To this end it produces National Geographic magazine, television channel and various media properties around the world.

National Geographic Channel

The National Geographic Channel celebrates the world’s natural and cultural history, as well as exploration of our planet. You can stream the channel online on a variety of devices such as TVs, mobile phones, and laptops.

It also features a number of popular shows, such as Wicked Tuna which follows commercial tuna fishermen in Gloucester, Massachusetts. You can find series that cover other topics too, like a documentary about the Apollo space program or an investigation into the origins of the Ebola virus.

Many of these shows can be streamed for free online through streaming services like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. With these, you can watch live or on-demand content from National Geographic Channel and its sister network Nat Geo WILD.

The National Geographic Society has been instrumental in funding many research and expeditions that have furthered mankind’s understanding of the world and its inhabitants. Notable achievements include Robert Peary’s journey to the North Pole, Richard Byrd’s flight over South Pole, Jacques Cousteau’s dives into the sea and Jane Goodall’s observation of chimpanzees.

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