Shenon Moore: Who Is Shemar Moore’s Brother?

Shemar Franklin Moore has four siblings. Shenon Moore is one of the siblings of Shemar Moore. Shenon Moore is famous as the brother of actor, Shemar Moore. Shemar Moore is a model and television host. He is known for his work and roles. He played the role of Malcolm Winters in the American television soap The Young and the Restless. He also played the role of Morgan in Criminal Minds. In addition, he is also known for his role as Sergeant II. He played the lead in this movie.

Shenon Moore Biography

Let us discuss a short and brief summary of Shenon Moore.

Shonon’s full name is Shenon Moore

He was born in the year 1990

Japan is the birthplace of Shenon Moore

He is famous and known as the brother of Shemar Moore

Shenon Moore’s height is measured as 5.9 ft or 179.8 cm. 

His weight is 87 Kg.

His body measurement is 41 33 32.

Shenon Moore is available on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Twitter: ShenonMoore

Instagram ID: shenon_moore

Youtube: Shenon Moore

He is male. However, any information with respect to his wife is not available in the public domain. 

Sherrod Moore is the father of Shonon Moore. While Nubuko Moore is his mother. 

Shenon Moore has four siblings. They are Shemar Moore, Sheburra Moore, Kosheno Moore, and Romeo Moore.

Shenon Moore is a personal trainer.

Shenon Moore
Shenon Moore

Shenon Moore’s Age

Shenon Moore is likely to celebrate his 34th birthday in the year 2024. He was born in the year 1990. However, his full date of birth is not available in the public domain. Shenon Moore celebrates his birthday every year. He was born in Japan. Therefore, he is also an American Japanese. His father, Sherrod Moore is an Africa-American. 

Sherrod Moore and Nobuko Moore gave birth to Shenon Moore. Shenon Moore is the sibling or brother of Kasheno Moore, Sheburra Moore and Roneo Moore. He is the half-brother of the actor Shemar Moore. Sherrod Moore and Marilyn Wilson are the parents of his half-brother. Marilyn Wilson is the stepmother of Shenon Moore. His stepmother is famous as a business consultant. 

Shenon Moore’s Education

Let us discuss the educational background of Shenon Moore.

Shenon Moore spent his childhood and teenage in Honolulu, a city in Hawaii. In Honolulu, he completed his study in high school. He attended two high schools in order to accomplish his study. In the beginning, he was enrolled in Kaiser High School. Later, he was transferred to Kapolein High School. Post his graduation from high school, he enrolled himself in the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Shenon Moore also attended Whitworth University since he wanted to become a certified professional trainer. However, later he was transferred to Southern Nevada. He also joined The Art Institute, before enrolling in the Nevada School of Massage Therapy.

Shenon Moore’s Career

Shenon was never determined or resolute what he wanted to do or become in his life. In the early phase of his career, he started modelling as he wanted to become an actor like his brother. However, he could never succeed and failed to become a successful model. Later, he worked at Encore Beach Club and then became a professional trainer. He completed two certifications from NASM and TRX. He applied for the US Air Force and got accepted.

Shenon Moore’s Profession

Let us discuss the profession of Shenon Moore

Shenon Moore started a modelling business. In the initial phase of his career, he wanted to become a model. However, it was unfortunate that his desires could not work out as they should have been. Therefore, he gave up his desire to become a model. 

Shenon Moore
Shenon Moore

Later, he started working at Encore Beach Club. Shemar Moore, half-brother of Senon Moore shared the news on Twitter that his brother started working at Encore. 

He wrote in his tweet: Here’s a smile n a shout out to my buff little brother, SHENON MOORE who lives in Vegas n words at Encore Be

Shenon Moore served as a personal trainer for many years at Las Vegas Athletic Club. While working as a personal trainer, he also applied for the US Air Force. Fortunately, he was accepted by the air force department for this role. He is now serving in the Air Force Department.

Shenon Moore’s Wife

Shenon Moore never revealed anything about his private life. He has always kept his life private from the public and media. He does like sharing information about his life partner in the public domain. No information is available on the Internet with regard to his previous and current love life. He is also known for keeping his relationship out of the public domain. 

However, his brother Shemar Moore’s relationship is known to people. Sheemar Moore was in a relationship with a soccer player named Shawna Gordon in 2014 and 2015. Later he broke up with Shawna Gordon and started dating an American actress Anabelle Acosta. Anabelle is a Cuban-born woman. Currently, Shemar Moore is dating Jasirnee Dizon. He also welcomed his daughter from his dating partner in January 2023. On 24th January 2024, Jasiree Dizon gave birth to his daughter.

Shemar Moore’s Filmography

Let us discuss the filmography of Shenon Moore’s brother

Shemar Moore, brother of Shenon Moore started his career in the year 1997. He worked in a film named Hav Plenty. In this film, he played the role of Chris. 

A year later, he got to sign another movie. He played the role of Freddy Roland in the film titled Butter.

Shemar Moore had to wait for two years to sign another movie names The Brothers. In the year 2004, he was offered two movies named Motives and Greener respectively. 

Shenon Moore’s brother, Shemar Moore has also given his voice in five movies names as Justice League: War, Justice League: Thron of Atlantis, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, The Death of Superman, Reign of the Superman. and Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. 

Before entering into the film world, Shenon Moore’s brother, Shamar Moore has also done various television. He is also known for his television series The Young and the Restless.

Living Single, The Nanny, and Mama Flora’s Family are some television series which took his filmography to another height. He has won many awards in various categories.

Shenon Moore’s Net Worth

Let us discuss some information about the net worth of Shenon Moore.

No information is available with regard to his total net worth. However, one may comprehend that he must make enough sums to live his life. In the early phase of his career, he worked as a personal trainer. 

Later, Shenon Moore left working as a trainer and started something new. He applied to work for the Air Force Department. He got selected by the department and now working in the department. 

Shenon Moore is 33 years old and he has a whole life to tough many heights of his career. Therefore, one may say that he must have had excellent earnings in his past and present careers. He may make million in the coming decades if he continues doing well in his current career.  

Shenon Moore
Shenon Moore

Shenon Moore Family

Shenon Moore is the brother of the famous actor Shemar Moore. However, he has a completely different life from his brother. Shemar Moore’s personal life is known in the public domain. However, Shenon Moore has kept his life private. 

Shenon Moore’s half-brother Shemar Moore was born in Oakland, California. Shenon Moore and his other siblings were born in Japan. Shenon Moore’s father, Sherrod married two women. Shemar Moore is the son of the sept mother or the first wife of Sherrod. His other siblings were born from Nobuko, the second wife of Sherrod.

Shenon Moore’s father, Sherrod was an African-American. At the same time, his first wife, Marilyn was a Canadian woman of French descent. They both fall in love and decide to marry. However, at that time, interracial marriage was not acceptable as it is acceptable now. Due to the interracial marriage, their marriage could not survive too long. They failed to handle the onus of marriage in a different race and decided to part ways. 

Sherrod was not at all a good husband. Marilyn could not find her as a better half. She had to spend four years in San Quentin where Sherrod mistreated her. In addition, there were several problems which Marilyn was not able to deal with. Therefore, due to various family issues, Marilyn left her son, Shemar Moore and went to Bahrain. Later, she left Bahrain and settled in Denmark.

Marilyn moved on and settled in Denmark. Hence, Sherrod also shifted to Japan and married Nobuko. With this, Nobuko becomes his second wife. Sherrod never wanted to expose his children to discrimination against the black community. 

Sherrod and Nobuko were blessed with four children. Out of four, two were boys and two were girls. 

Shenon was born in Japan and stayed there for four years. Later, he moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. He stayed there to accomplish his study for fourteen years. Later, he moved to Spokane, Washington when he became eighteen years old.

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