Top Two EHR Systems and Their Features

Valant EHR Software and Its Features

Valant is an EHR system that you can use to manage your practice. It offers features that will make client intake easier. You can check in patients, send them inpatient documents, and send initial assessments all from one place. The Valant portal can be used to allow patients to complete forms online before they come to the office. The calendar interface lets you view patient information, appointments, and other events per day, week, or provider. The calendar only syncs in one direction, so you’ll need to log back every time you want to update any information.

Interface that is intuitive

Valant EHR, an EHR software package, has many features and benefits. The program can be customized to meet the needs of each user. It provides templates and customizable documentation that can be used to prepare for the next patient session. It can also be used to manage billing, invoicing, medication management, treatment planning, and more.

Valant also offers a mobile note-taking software that allows users to create narrative and clinical summaries. The portal also allows patients to complete intake forms. Valant’s calendar is another great feature. It can be viewed by provider, day, and week. The interface is confusing for new users.

Valant is a great tool for mental health professionals. The customizable calendar lets users keep track of certain types and notes as well as recurring appointments. It supports group therapy. These features streamline the clinical process, and help save time during sessions.

It’s easy to use

Valant EHR software allows physicians to create and maintain comprehensive clinical notes. It includes built-in alerts and reports, e-prescription, electronic prescription, and built-in alerts. It also includes a large library of evidence-based methods. Users can also choose the workflow that best suits their practice.

Valant EHR, a cloud-based behavioral healthcare solution for solo and group practices, is available. It also offers telehealth, integrated billing and e-prescribing as well as patient engagement, payment processing and clearinghouse. The program also has robust reporting tools for the entire practice. The scheduler allows physicians to view multiple provider calendars, mark attendance and launch telehealth visits. The system also encrypts patient records to prevent unauthorized access.

Although Valant EHR shares many of the same features as Allscripts EHR it is not as flexible or comprehensive as Allscripts. It lacks integrations which could prove to be a problem for some practices, despite its many features. The company recently sold its hospital business to a Canadian firm and is now focusing its attention on its EHR business. Some practices may choose to use Valant EHR over Allscripts.

Athena EHR and Its Other Features!

Athena EHR is a tool that can be used to improve patient care. This article will discuss the many features of Athena EHR and how to maximize their effectiveness. Also, you will learn more about AthenaCollector and AthenaNet’s reporting module.

AthenaNet reporting module

You may not be using many of the features and functions offered by Athena EHR. Athena EHR users have access to a helpful help desk that is easy to use and implement. Although it’s an excellent alternative to Epic you need to be aware of its limitations. Athena is much less expensive than Epic. It does not support proprietary devices. This can be frustrating. It is simple to set up and use and does not seem to have any significant impact on patient care.

AthenaNet, a reporting module, can be used to help you monitor the performance of your practice. This module is integrated into Athena EHR. It also includes Epocrates, which is a clinical reference application that specializes in clinical guidelines. AthenaCollector also includes a patient portal as well as a live operator service. You can compare your performance with other practices within the AthenaNet network using the AthenaNet reporting module.

AthenaCapture snapshots of patient documentation

It is easy and secure to take an athenaCapture photo of patient documentation using a smartphone. It can be used in conjunction with athenaNet workflows like encounter embedded image documentation capture and patient photo capture. Images are not stored on an unencrypted device such as a memory card or camera roll, so they aren’t at risk of being lost or damaged.

AthenaCapture can be used on iOS and Android. Bluestacks is an emulator that allows you to use AthenaCapture on Macs.

AthenaOne app

AthenaOne allows healthcare professionals to access their Inbox, take notes, and place orders from anywhere they are away from their office. They can now spend more time on patient care. They can also access patient records on their smartphones via the app. It reduces physician burnout and increases their efficiency in the workplace. It integrates seamlessly with the athenaClinicals EHR.

AthenaOne allows physicians to access real-time data on the move, track orders, and ensure full payment. It is compatible with Android, iPhone, and Android. It can help you monitor quality and increase your practice’s cash flow.

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