What is a Virtual Private Server? What is a Dedicate Server?

If you’re finally looking to get your site operational, it’s possible that you’re thinking of considering buying web hosting. It’s a battle here for those who are just beginning. The glossary includes new terms — what’s kernel? — and acronyms seeming to be falling from the sky. One you’ll hear often: VPS hosting.

What is the Definition of a Virtual Private Server?

Let’s first define what VPS actually means -the term “virtual private server.

In simpler terminology, a server an extremely powerful computer that can store all the information and files that comprise your site. When someone type your domain’s name into their browser, the strong computer “serves your website” your site’s URL for the user’s display.

The virtual part: VPS uses virtualization technology to divide the powerful server we’ve just spoken about into several virtual servers. Consider it in this way: it’s one piece of hardware physical that acts as a number of separate servers.

The word”private” is just what it says. Your server virtual is exclusively yours which means you don’t have to share your RAM, CPU or any data with anyone else.

What is the VPS’s Function?

VPS Hosting is a virtual representation that you would get from a dedicated server while sharing this server’s hardware with users.

Your web hosting provider will install a virtual layer over the operating system (OS) of the server by using virtualization technology. The server is divided into separate sections with virtual walls, this layer allows every customer to run their own operating system and software.

Since the VPS isolates your files from the other users at level OS layer, the VPS really is an individual server. It is a secure server. Your website will be in a safe container that has certain server resources like disk space, memory, CPU cores, CPU cores, etc. There is no requirement sharing any of this with other websites.

How VPS Compares to Shared Hosting and dedicated Hosting

To understand the way VPS is working, it’s necessary to be familiar with some of the fundamentals about webhosting, which includes other plans that are commonly used. Here’s a brief overview of the distinctions between dedicated, shared, as well as VPS hosting.

  1. Shared Hosting

Sharing hosting can be described as the most well-known type of hosting for websites and is a great choice for new owners of websites. When you buy the shared hosting plan you’re sharing important resources such as RAM, CPU and hard space on your drive with other site owners on the same server.

Let’s look at an analogy to help us understand this concept a little more simple.

Consider the shared server as an apartment complex. All of the apartments are rented out by other owners of websites. Everyone needs an apartment to live in -as do the files on your website — however, buying a massive family house isn’t feasible for what you need. Sharing common spaces and utilities within apartments helps to keep costs low. The same goes for hosting that is shared.

There are some disadvantages when it comes to shared hosting it’s mostly due to sharing. If for instance, another user on your shared server experiences a massive growth in traffic, it can impact your website’s performance. If you’re only beginning to get your website off the ground, and don’t have a an enormous amount of traffic sharing hosting can be an excellent method to begin your journey!

Are you looking for a basic plan? Look into our low-cost shared hosting plans.

  1. dedicated hosting

dedicated server is the reverse to shared hosting. Instead of sharing resources (and sharing the cost) with other owners of websites there is a single dedicated server which is used exclusively for your site.

It sounds great, doesn’t it? It’s more expensive, however you’ll have total access to your resource. You can also modify the software to suit your specific requirements. This kind of hosting plan is ideal for websites that have strong technical demands. For instance dedicated hosting may be the best option for your site when:

  • you receive a large amount of traffic every day.
  • You will need to install your operating system on your own.
  • you manage hundreds of transactions in the financial world.
  • Your website needs customized software.

Do you need a robust solution? Look into our hosting plans that are dedicated to you.

  1. VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a perfect blend of dedicated and shared. If you opt for VPS it will also be websites running on the same hardware yours (remember the powerful server we mentioned earlier? ).

  1. You’re concerned about security

If you are looking for enhanced security features, sophisticated security capabilities for monitoring, more storage space for backups and a more reliable website, or are planning to take any kind of online payment, then you might be interested in VPS. With VPS you can count on high-quality resources, and you can count on the best security features.

  1. Then you start to notice high Traffic Indicators

If you’re just beginning your website and don’t see lots of traffic, sharing hosting could be the perfect option. If however, your site’s visitors are constantly growing you should think about changing your hosting. It’s not a good idea to run the risk of your site being slow or more serious, having your server crash because it’s not able to handle the volume of traffic. If you expect an increase in traffic then do yourself a favor by switching to a VPS.

  1. Your Website is Frequently Running Slowly

Shared hosting is not designed for websites that consume huge quantities of RAM. When your site grows and you add more content, you’ll begin to see a decrease in the loading times of your website. When this occurs, it’s a sign that you’re at your capacity. Upgrade to a VPS allows you to expand your site without worrying about load times that are slow.

  1. You Have An Online Store

When you decide to start operating an online store is the time to update your website hosting plans. Why? Because you can have a safe and private virtual server that it is more probable that you will pass the PCI certification test. It is defined as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was developed by the major credit card companies to safeguard against the loss of data from cardholders loss.

If you’re allowing debit and credit card transactions on your site through a payment processor, you must do all you can to protect the security of your clients their financial data. Because VPS is safer as compared to shared hosting, VPS is the best choice for websites that sell e-commerce.

  1. You’ll need to install custom Software

Shared hosting is ideal for webmasters who design their websites using standard Content Management Systems. If you get to the point that you require to install custom software, implement an individual server configuration or use any other type of advanced programming and/or programming, you’ll need an option for hosting that gives more control.

Similar to this, many standard bookskeeping, tax, billing as well as other integrated programs require 24/7 server access along with high-speed internet. To be able to use these programs effectively you’ll require an VPS or a dedicated hosting account.

If you’re operating on a shared server you’ll likely be frustrated when you realize that certain actions are not allowed or applications don’t have the resources required to function correctly. Instead of tackling this issue, consider upgrading to VPS hosting immediately and gain more control over your program actions.

  1. You Run Into Server Errors

Do you experience “Service unavailable” errors, error codes 50X, “Internal Server Error” often? If you’re seeing errors, chances are your customers might be too. Although you’re able to fix problems with downtime, there’s an absolute need to avoid server issues if you’re operating from an Internet-connected business. You can prevent this issue by upgrading to a VPS.

  1. You’re on a tight budget

Although it’s true that a dedicated hosting plan can solve several of the issues listed that are listed It’s important to keep in mind that dedicated plans are an expensive option. If you’re looking to increase the speed of your internet connection, boost your security, or get more RAM, the most cost-effective choice is to choose VPS hosting.

  1. You design websites for your Customers

Do you have a task to create websites for customers? With VPS, you are able to host any number of domains, while making sure that you have enough RAM to allow each site to run effectively.

What is VPS?

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How do you choose the Right hosting plan for VPS for your Website?

If you’re aware of what is a VPS and when it’s time to upgrade, let’s discuss the factors that make a great VPS plan , and how to choose the most reliable web hosting service. You wouldn’t put your website in the hands of anyone, would you?

Self-Managed vs Managed VPS Services

When you select VPS hosting services, you typically can choose between two plans:

  • Self-managed VPS services (sometimes called an unmanaged VPS)
  • Managed VPS service

You must be acquainted with the administration of servers in terms of troubleshooting, managing, and securing the software, applications, and services on your VPS when you opt for a self-managed service.

If you’re either not comfortable with these administrative skills or just need your hosting company to handle the task for you, selecting a managed VPS option is the best route to choose.

The Eliteservermanagement VPS plans are completely managed that means you’ll be able to stop worrying about the technical aspects and concentrate on the most important thing making amazing content for your site. If you’re in search of root access, you should consider Eliteservermanagement’s cloud hosted hosting.


It’s possible that this advice may fall in the category of obvious and not be worth noting: Make sure that the host you choose will work with the operating system you use. Eliteservermanagement is an example. does not offer Windows hosting as most of our customers prefer on a Linux VPS.


It is important that the VPS hosting option you choose should be able to provide uptime ratings of 99.5 percent or more. Anything less than that from your web hosting provider is unacceptable. To be clear, Eliteservermanagement one of the top uptime scores in the industry at 99.98 percent. We’re blushing.


If you are purchasing an VPS hosting plan, make sure that your provider provides the latest and most advanced hardware, such as SSDs (SSD) -the most efficient storage technology. SSD helps to run high-speed applications more efficient due in part, due to the absence of moving components.

24-hour Customer Care

When it comes down to you don’t know when you’ll have an outage on your website. Make sure to purchase an VPS hosting plan with a vendor that offers 24/7 support for customers.

Backup Service

Imagine you’re reworking your site and something goes wrong, and you lose everything since you didn’t back up your site. Shivers. It’s a common event, and can cause you financial loss as well as time and more than just a handful of grey hairs. Be sure that when you purchase VPS provider, you select one that allows backups to be simple.

Ready to Create Your Private Server? Private Server?

Did you make it to the conclusion of this article? You deserve a pat on the back since you’re a novice in VPS now!

What it all comes down to is that if your site is expanding and is beginning to draw the attention of a few It’s important for your site’s performance to keep up. This means that it’s time to upgrade your website’s resources by making the switch to the VPS server.

Although Bigbluebutton servers are more expensive than shared plans but the benefits of this hosting plan provide a great value for money – without the need for a higher-priced specific hosting plans. Are you unsure of what VPS hosting service to pick? Take a look at Eliteservermanagement! We offer VPS packages start from $10/month.

But , and it’s an important point — Your website’s domain is the sole domain that is allocated to your specific virtual space. This means that you have an operating system that is yours, a dedicated storage with a powerful CPU, the ability to scale RAM and an unlimited bandwidth.

With VPS hosting, you’re enjoying the advantages that come with a dedicated serverat a reasonable cost. In essence, VPS hosting can give you more value for your money.

We’re sure you’ve got plenty of VPS Choices

At Eliteservermanagement We’ve never felt at ease with being part of the masses. Here are some reasons why our VPS product is unique by offering 24/7 customer service as well as a simple panel capacity-based memory, unlimited bandwidth as well as SSD storage. Plans start at just $10/month.

When is the best time to switch on VPS?

The best way to assess whether or not it’s time for an upgrade VPS is to review the state of your site. Here are eight signs that indicate you’re ready to upgrade to a virtual.

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